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Danielle Woerner: Writing and Songwriting

Photo by Michael Gold


Danielle’s writing career, like her singing, is multi-faceted, and has earned her recognition for her creative, journalistic and public relations wordcraft.  

Latest news: updated October 2017

  • Through Sunrise County Arts Institute, located on the stunning coast of DownEast Maine, Danielle is organizing the First Annual Milbridge Lit-Fest!  Events this October - November, led by various presenters, focus on self-publishing, being a NaNoWriMo Winner in the month of November, Japanes Short-Form Poetry, and a reading/signing of the highly acclaimed new Three Nations Anthology. Danielle will lead the NaNo workshop.  Retreats for "Writers from Away" at SCAI's scenic Center are also available, in November and throughout the year. 
  • A set of 3 of her haiku were included in the Three Nations Anthology: Native, Canadian & New England Writers, which features poems, essays and short stories celebrating the writers' shared land and sea.   Published in summer 2017 by Resolute Bear Press in Robbinston, ME,  the book is receiving accolades all over the literary world, and The Boston Globe, too.
  • The National Federation of Press Woman (NFPW) chose for recognition ALL of the 2016 articles Danielle submitted from her freelance writing for the Machias Valley (ME) News Observer.  These included news stories, personality profiles, eco- and arts features, and local columns.  All received 2nd or 3rd place or Honorable Mention in the National At-Large category.  


Journalism & PR:  Danielle’s feature articles have appeared on the pages of national/international magazines like Newsweek and Newsweek International, Classical Singer, and New Music Connoisseur.  In the regional press, while based in New York State she was a regular contributing feature writer/reviewer for Hudson Valley Magazine and The Woodstock Times, followed by her work in 2016-17 with the Machias Valley News Observer.

Her expository skills were honed during the 1980s, as one of New York City’s most respected classical-music publicists and concert presenters. She ran a firm called Woerner/Bobrick Associates with her former husband, author Benson Bobrick, while developing her singing career at the same time. W/BA presented a great deal of new musical work on the New York and national scenes, and Danielle’s descriptions of the music and the events helped distinguish them in the media’s and the public’s eye. She then became a top publicist for the CBS television network’s Entertainment Division, and finally, Bard College’s Director of Public Relations, before going into her musical, teaching and other creative work full-time.


Creative Writing:  Her skill with the pen--or keyboard--also takes a more imaginative turn. Her poetry has been published in the Hudson Valley arts and culture monthly, Chronogram, and in the Three Nations Anthology, a collection of work by Canadian, Native and New England writers (Resolute Bear Press, 2017).  She has two novels in progress,  one based on her grandmother's life in 19th/20th century Philadelphia, and the other drawing on her experiences as a young professional singer in Manhattan.   She's written a series of performance slam poems based on familiar folk and fairy tales, and is editing a collection of her haiku and senryu to be published as a chapbook.  This project is a collaboration with award-winning photographer Johanna S. Billings


Formal Higher Education, and Songwriting:  Holding a Master's Certificate in Songwriting (with Celebrity Scholarship honors) from Berklee College of Music's Berkleemusic program, Danielle creates songs that draw on folk, classical art song, musical theater and jazz traditions, forging an independent style all her own. She's a BMI-affiliated songwriter.  Danielle completed her B.A. in Music at Bard College while serving as the college's P.R. Director.